"Gallant wove a clever mystery . . . plenty of heart stopping action."
~ Caffeinated Reviewer

"Take your heart medicine before reading!!" ~ Amazon Reviewer

He writes thrillers—she lives them.

Recruited as a sniper by Counterstrike, a covert team who rescues kidnap victims, former Olympic biathlete Jaimee Fleming fills the void created by her tragic past with dedication and purpose. But when one of their own is killed, she is shattered by the loss and leaves the agency. Thankfully, her new life as a dog walker offers no high-stakes danger—until she witnesses a murder.

Best-selling novelist Eli Croft doesn’t court danger—he only writes about it. But when his grandmother, the matriarch of the wealthy Croft family, is found dead, he suspects one of his relatives hired the assassin. On a mission to uncover the killer’s identity, Eli encounters Jaimee, running for her life . . .

Jaimee fears relying on the charming and persuasive Eli could be a fatal mistake. But Eli is hard to resist, and the two join forces. With the help of her former Counterstrike teammates, Jaimee and Eli must stop a murderer before she becomes the next victim. If she lives long enough, will Jaimee let go of her past and trust Eli with her future?

"Gallant delivered an intense action-packed tale with a side of romance that I devoured." ~ Caffeinated Reviewer

"A fabulous page turner with love and hope at the center." ~ Amazon Reviewer

Will a cure for humanity be the death of her?

For biology professor Riley Adair, the stakes are high—and very personal—when she discovers a potential cure for dementia. News of her groundbreaking progress leaks out, and the consequences turn deadly. Someone is determined to claim her work and will stop at nothing—including kidnapping—to get it. But Riley’s abductors make a critical error, leaving her with no memory at all . . .

Counterstrike, a covert search and rescue team, is called in to save her. While her rescue goes smoothly, Riley is left defenseless against powerful enemies who still want the formula locked inside her brain. Dr. Noah Kimball, the agency’s medic, risks everything—including his own life—to protect her. As danger mounts, so does a passion they can’t deny.

In a race against time, Riley fights to recover her memory, while Noah fears he won’t be able to save the woman he has grown to love—and know—better than she knows herself.


"Gallant delivers heart-pounding danger and a swoon-worthy second chance romance." ~ Caffeinated Reviewer

"This book is a rare combination of fast-paced suspense and deeply emotional romance." ~ Amazon Reviewer

Can they rekindle their love before a killer strikes?

Brody Grant had it all—wealth, the woman of his dreams, and a young son he loved more than life. But his world came crashing down the day River was kidnapped and murdered. Torn apart by grief, he creates Counterstrike, a covert team of highly trained operatives whose sole mission is to rescue kidnap victims.

After losing her only child, Arden Grant tried to pick up the pieces and go on. But her husband is distant, immersed in his perilous quest to save others. Leaving Brody to live in the backwoods of Vermont, she searches for solace in simplicity.

Brody finds fulfillment in his work, even if he can’t forget the only woman he ever loved. Until he crosses paths with a vicious psychopath with a very personal connection. On a single-minded crusade to track down his adversary, Brody unwittingly puts Arden squarely in the crosshairs of a ruthless murderer.

Arden wants no part of the danger her ex-husband brings into her safe but lonely world. Except neither of them can find peace until they stop a madman and put the past to rest. And maybe discover a future together they both believed was lost forever.


"You won't be able to put this fast-paced romantic suspense down."
~ Amazon Reviewer

"A nail biter and page turner, this novel . . . made me wonder, 'What if?'"
~ Amazon Reviewer

Will a historical legacy doom the nation . . . or save it?

Wyatt Stone solves historic mysteries on his popular TV show, No Stone Unturned. But nothing as shocking as the inheritance left to him—and six unknown strangers. The mind-blowing document will change perceptions of the Founding Fathers and rock the very foundations of democracy. 

Talia Davis thrives on her high-stress job as a computer hacker for the elite rescue team, Counterstrike. But a rocky breakup leaves her ready for a change, and Wyatt’s sexy smile tempts her out of her comfort zone. When word leaks she’s one of the seven inheritors, Talia is nearly killed by two powerful political foes who will stop at nothing—including murder—to gain control of the legacy.

Can Wyatt and Talia expose the traitors in time to save the nation? Or will they lose everything they hold dear in a quest to preserve the Founding Fathers ominous legacy . . .

An Action Packed Suspense Series!