"This book has it all—romance, adventure, missing treasure... I loved every
minute of this adventure." ~ Eye on Romance

"I enjoyed the freshness of this story. It was full of the element of surprise
with all the twists and turns." ~ Romancing the Book

A cross-country treasure hunt may lead to love—if they survive…

When Griff Wilde receives a letter from a dead man sending him on a race to find a mysterious treasure, he’s not worried about the competition. After all, salvaging sunken loot is what he was born to do. But the riddles leading to the clues are a little trickier than he anticipated.

After quitting her inner-city teaching job, Ainslee Fontaine is battle-weary and ready for a change. A cross-country scavenger hunt sounds like the adventure of a lifetime. But travelling alone has its unexpected dangers.

When Griff and Ainslee cross paths and form a tentative alliance, passions ignite, but there’s still a hidden treasure to find. As their feelings for each other deepen, so does the danger. Because someone tied to the hunt is determined to stop them—by any means necessary…


"Gallant’s book is a sweet, sexy read that is surprisingly suspenseful at times."
~ RT Book Reviews

"A touching story that threw me a loop..." ~ No Apology Book Reviews

It’s sink or swim when passion and politics collide…

Rafting guide Sawyer Wilde lives for adventure, but guiding a whitewater trip for a presidential hopeful and his gorgeous, outspoken aide yields more complications than he bargained for. After all, the excursion is just a campaign photo-op for the congressman—until a series of minor mishaps takes a sinister turn.

Devin Lockhart’s only goal is to get her boss down the Salmon River in one piece. Falling for their distractingly sexy guide isn’t part of her game plan. But as danger stalks them through every rapid, Devin must put her life—and the congressman’s—in Sawyer’s capable hands. Because surviving the trip is only the beginning of a deadly ride…


"I love the Wilde series by Jannine Gallant. Each story has a compelling hero 
and a wonderful heroine." ~ Eye on Romance

"Romance is a vast genre and I'm grateful for authors, like Jannine Gallant, 
who offer fresh new reads." ~ Lovey Dovey Books

Chasing a thrill can lead to murder…

Extreme skier Tripp Wilde lives for danger. Taking risks is what he does. Sidelined after an injury on the slopes, he winds up in the care of his little sister’s best friend, physical therapist Hannah Ryder. The girl he used to tease has turned into a tempting beauty who challenges him at every turn.

Hannah has no interest in a man who cheats death for a living—even if she once harbored a maddening crush on the irresistible Tripp. Still, refusing the hotshot skier isn’t easy when he won’t take no for an answer.

But when the pair witness a murder, their lives are plunged into sudden chaos. Surviving a series of deadly accidents, Tripp and Hannah must learn to rely on each other if they hope to stop a ruthless killer—risking it all for love...


"Mature characters, steady pace, and well-crafted plot." ~ No Apology Book Reviews

"The pace of this book kept me engrossed reading from one situation to the next 
with the perfect amount of action, tension, and romance." ~ Book Charmers

A film shoot on a Wyoming ranch may be a Hollywood hero’s last call…

For Eden Wilde, the beautiful vistas on her family’s Wyoming ranch inspire a gentle touch when breaking the wild horses she loves. Even if the peace and quiet means there’s little hope for excitement in her personal life—until her sanctuary is invaded by a movie studio shooting their latest blockbuster. Try as she might, she can’t ignore Hollywood heartthrob, Blake Benedict.

Tired of the celebrity lifestyle, Blake finds himself falling for the wide-open spaces of Wyoming—and for Eden. Around her, he feels safe shedding his public persona and letting down his guard. Eden is everything Blake wants in a woman…and can’t have.

But when accidents begin to happen, mishaps that could prove fatal, Eden is forced out of her comfort zone to save the Hollywood hero from an enemy neither of them ever saw coming…

Adventure and Romance!