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Write what you know... I've taken this advice to heart, creating characters from small towns and plots that unfold in the great outdoors. A recent empty-nester, I grew up in a tiny Northern California town and currently live in gorgeous Lake Tahoe with my husband. When I'm not busy writing, I enjoy hiking or snowshoeing in the woods around my home. Discover the beauty of nature woven into my fast-paced, romantic suspense novels.
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Edge Of Your Seat Suspense!

"This is a hard one to put down. Highly recommend." ~ Amazon Reviewer

"Characters were amazing in this fantastic story." ~ Amazon Reviewer

If the Yosemite backpacking trip doesn’t kill them . . . someone they trust just might.

Reuniting members of their college hiking club, Leave No Trace, in Yosemite National Park to raise money for a wildlife charity seems like a terrific idea to Raine Endicott. She needs time away from her dead-end job in San Francisco to reassess her future, escape from the city, and enjoy nature’s splendor. Connecting with old friends is a bonus . . . especially Levi Hill, the man she turned down all those years ago. A decision she lived to regret.

For Levi, seeing Raine again is like flipping a switch. His crush on the woman who got away quickly intensifies into something far more meaningful. But it isn’t easy to focus on romance and the challenges of a budding relationship when one of their own is murdered—and the betrayer is
hiding among them in plain sight. Leaving the park only adds a new level of terror as the danger escalates. Because Raine poses a threat that must be eliminated . . . even if that means killing again.


"The characters are well-developed, the descriptions vivid, and the suspense non-stop." ~ Amazon Reviewer

"I am a great fan of Jannine Gallant and this is another fantastic read." ~ Amazon Reviewer

A chance encounter awakens a nightmare from her past—recollections that could prove fatal . . .

In a small Montana town, Blythe Young runs into the man who murdered her parents—triggering long buried childhood memories. When she discovers the killer is a local deputy with an influential ally, she’s forced to flee. Escaping into Yellowstone National Park, Blythe loses herself in the rugged backcountry where she crosses paths with another lone hiker. Unsure whom she can trust, Blythe warily relies on the handsome stranger.

While backpacking in Yellowstone to sooth his battered soul, Jake Mansfield encounters a desperate young woman. She’s everything he doesn’t need in his life—a terrified beauty who tempts him to risk his heart again. Jake’s endured enough tragedy to last a lifetime, but turning Blythe away isn’t an option. Especially when he learns he has an unwitting connection to the horror of her past. Together, they must uncover the identity of a ruthless and powerful man . . . before Blythe becomes the final casualty.


"The breakneck pacing and complex, twisty plot--not to mention plenty of sparks between the main characters--will hold your interest from start to finish . . ." ~ Amazon Reviewer

"Twilight Deception takes suspense to a new level." ~ Amazon Reviewer

Deceived by someone he trusts, Tristan places his life in the hands of a beautiful stranger . . . 

Shot, wounded, and bleeding, Tristan Flanagan is on the run from a once trusted business partner who stole money from their company and set him up to take the fall. He flees into the Grand Canyon, hoping for a miracle.

While on an overnight camping trip, artist Willow Larkin stumbles across a man more dead than alive. Though skeptical of his wild story of betrayal and embezzlement, especially when she was burned once before by a charismatic liar, Willow is still drawn to this desperate, sexy stranger. Against her better judgement, she hides him in her secluded cabin to recover—unaware that helping him puts her in the crosshairs of a violent criminal.

Staying one step ahead of both the police and a man intent on murder, the pair embark on a dangerous mission to prove his innocence. But finding the truth to clear his name is a deadly game—one they must win before he’ll be free to love again. If they survive . . .


"The plot was intricate and the pace breathtaking, with non-stop action from the first page to the last." ~ Amazon Reviewer

"Spectacular. This is a must read." ~ Amazon Reviewer

An inheritance she never anticipated or desired sparks murder . . . and passion.

Widowed and left with her husband’s vast empire to manage, Camille Valentine isn’t sure how much longer she can hold on. Between her single-minded need to succeed and the very real threats on her life, the pressure is crushing her soul. The only thing keeping her sane is the man determined to protect her at any cost.

Former Navy Seal and black ops agent Michael Zorn spends his days chauffeuring an extremely wealthy—not to mention gorgeous—woman to and from her business meetings. Not the future he’d envisioned, but he’d made a promise to the man who’d once saved him, one he doesn’t intend to break.

As a hired assassin steps up his game, Camille and Michael fight for their lives. From the Santa Barbara shore to the redwood forest to the rugged beauty of Mount Rainier, her desperate plight ignites feelings neither of them anticipated. But until they uncover the identity of the traitor behind the hitman, true happiness is an impossible dream—because their reality is a relentless nightmare.

New Romantic Suspense Series!

"Set in the high-stakes world of fine art forgery and theft, the concept is fresh and intriguing." ~ Amazon Reviewer

A stolen painting leads to a second chance at love—if they survive.

When Annalise Quintrell discovers a painting at the Philadelphia museum where she works—a masterpiece she authenticated—is a forgery, her career is on the line. Confident she didn’t make a mistake, Annalise is convinced someone stole the original. But with no proof, will anyone believe her? The only way to salvage her reputation and her future is to find the missing painting. The problem is, she has no one to turn to for help—except her ex-fiancé.

Rory Cavanaugh made the worst mistake of his life, not when he got caught robbing an art gallery, but when he withheld the truth about his past from Annalise. Unable to forgive his lies, she cut him out of her life—and her heart—for good. But now she desperately needs his help, and Rory will do anything to make amends for hurting her. Because convincing her to take him back seems like a fantasy.

As Rory and Annalise work together, following a trail of clues in their search for the lost painting, long-suppressed feelings bubble to the surface. Can she get beyond her anger and heartache and find a way to forgive him? Or will the criminal determined to stop them at any cost make them both pay the ultimate price for love?

"The complex, political-thriller plot could have been pulled straight from today's headlines..." ~ Amazon Reviewer

The face of a killer could be the final picture he takes…

As a photojournalist, Nash Quintrell travels the world, capturing striking images of ordinary people in extraordinary situations. He certainly never expected to snap a photo of the assassin who shot the nation’s first woman president on her Inauguration Day. Discovering his pictures hold important clues to identifying the men behind the attacks on several high-profile figures is a shock. But they also provide the key to rekindling a relationship with the woman he once loved and pushed away.

When FBI Special Agent Tempest English sees Nash in the inauguration crowd, camera in hand, she has no choice but to approach him. Her mission is to catch a killer, and she’ll take whatever help she can get, even if the last thing she wants is to work with the man who dumped her years before. Nash may have broken her heart, but fate throws them together again, and his photos are the best lead she has.

In an effort to unmask the powerful players behind the conspiracy, Nash and Tempest must track a ruthless band of homegrown terrorists. Infiltrating their circle risks not only their lives, but a future together neither imagined was possible.